Using Edmodo to Conduct 21st Century Learning

What is Edmodo?

When was initially introduced to me, it was advertised as a great site for sharing resources among teachers.  Designed in a theme similar to Facebook, teachers can share great items, such as reading materials, videos, and programs.  They can also comment on each shared resource, leading to quick discussions on the usefulness and/or proper implementation of the said resource.  This can be extremely valuable for teachers who are often lacking the opportunity to collaborate with fellow teachers in the same content area.  Teachers make the best thieves, right?

Upon further investigation of Edmodo, it can also act as a Learning Management System.  A teacher can enter student groups on the site and conduct a digital classroom through Edmodo.  One can give assignments to students, such as reading materials and discussions.  Quizzes and surveys can also be given.  Because Edmodo is fairly simplistic to set-up, this can be a valuable resource for a teacher who is uncomfortable in creating their own interactive site, but is eager to conduct more 21st Century learning activities.

Here a few other sites discussing the implementation of Edmodo:

15 Things Teachers & Students Can Do with Edmodo:

20 Ways to Use Edmodo in the Classroom:

A Complete Guide on How to Use Edmodo in Your Teaching:

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