10 More Ways to Use Blogs in Your Classroom

As a teacher

  1. Communicate with families and students at home through the use of your blog as a classroom news or reminder message.
  2. Conduct higher-level discussions in a safe format, encouraging some of your shy students to finally say what they are thinking.
  3. Post progress-monitoring, anonymous surveys on your blog to review your lesson.
  4. Displays best products from your class as a guide for other students and to celebrate successes.

As a student

  1. Ask your teacher questions and retrieve needed information from class.
  2. Work with your group on collaborative projects through the discussion format of the blog.

As a parent and/or committee

  1. Keep up with important classroom news and reminders.
  2. Hold collaborative discussions on important upcoming events and displays their announcements.

As an administrator

  1. Post helpful tips to guide students and parents toward academic success.
  2. Give families the chance to ask questions about important opportunities, such as scholarships and athletics.

Here are a few links that go even further into the use of blogs in the classroom.

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Blogging in the 21st Century Classroom: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/blogging-in-21st-century-classroom-michelle-lampinen

Not convinced?  Here’s a video with high school students explaining their preference for blogs in the classroom: